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anonymous asked: Luna Lovegood or Ginny Weasley

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You know how everyone says that Death had the best character entrance in Supernatural? I thibk everyone seems to forget how fucking BADASS Castiel’s entrance was.

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Look, I’m simpler than you think.

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In which Darcy never learned how to pronounce ‘Mjolnir’, but really doesn’t give two shits.


bye vagina it was nice knowing you

#hello vagina it will be nice knowing you

#Wait a month

this post got better


all boobs are good boobs

all stomachs are good stomachs

all thighs are good thighs 

all bodies are good bodies

yes yours, too, and don’t you forget it

Reblog if you actually give a shit about anyone who’s suicidal or depressed.


no one should scroll past this

I am always here if someone needs to talk :)

Maybe there is some Abnegation in everyone, even if they don’t know it.